Denise Holcomb


Founder and Executive Director 
Speaker | Advocate /
Mental Health Mediator
Peer Recovery Supporter



HOPE Alliance Mental Health Service, Singapore, Asia

Courage To Caregivers, Chargin Falls, Ohio

The Cleveland Observer Newspaper, Cleveland, Ohio
NAMI of Greater Cleveland



American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Ohio Chapter

NAMI of Greater Cleveland

Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services

Mental Health & Addiction Advocacy Coalition 

Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery

National Empowerment Center

Grace Alliance Leadership Network


Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Collaborative Community Awareness Campaign

The Cleveland Observer Newspaper Health Media Committee



NAMI Scott Adamson Memorial Peer Award 


Denise is an Ohio Certified Peer Recovery Supporter who is trained in Mental Health First Aid, Emotional Crisis (eCPR), Gatekeeper QPR, and Suicide Prevention and Awareness.  She is also a Grace Group leader through Grace Alliance in Waco, Texas where she currently uses the training in her local church small group teaching women the biblical foundations of mental and emotional wellness. 


​Denise is a Field Advocate of the Ohio Chapter American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  A vital part of AFSP’s large grassroots advocacy network allows her to speak out for suicide prevention and mental health at all levels of government.  She is also a member of NAMI of Greater Cleveland, and the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery.

With over 20 years experience, Denise is highly recognized for her strong passion for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Advocacy.  She has her own lived experiences as an individual walking in mental and emotional wellness after suffering with undiagnosed bipolar disorder for over ten years, and she knows how an accurate diagnosis can ignite a full battle to recovery and wellness. 


Denise not only advocates for mental health, but she also advocates for suicide prevention and awareness.  In 1987 Denise loss her youngest brother who died by suicide at the age of thirty-three.  The family secret behind her brother’s death came to an end sixteen years later when her only son died by suicide at thirty years old. It was then that the reality of both deaths’ hit the very heart and soul of Denise, and she realized that something had to be done in spite of her own diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and struggles with suicide ideation which haunted her for years. 


It is through these lived experiences that she is now working from a place of wellness to ensure that those who suffer can also have the opportunity to find relief from stigma, self-shame and embarrassment, missed or improper diagnosis, and discrimination from an uneducated society. Denise has played an active part in her church to help remove the spiritual stigma behind mental health in the black church and the community.  Her efforts have included bring awareness to families and youth of her local church community on suicide prevention,  and and taking part in a major part in helping to bring a mental health forum into the church where mental health questions could be openly answered.     

​​Denise has spoken to hundreds of medical professionals on several occasions as a mental health advocate panelist on behalf of University Hospital Moods Disorder Program in Cleveland, Ohio.  Under the direction of world-renown psychologist Doctor Joseph R. Calabrese Jr., where she has on many occasions shared her mental health journey to wellness.  In 2020, Denise also co-facilitated internationally in a virtual Suicide Prevention event with H.O.P.E. Alliance in Singapore, Asia with founder Vincent Soo.  As part of her efforts to educate others, in 2013, Denise helped create an educational film presentation depicting the real life story regarding the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 


Denise's' hope in sharing her own story is so that others would know that there is a road paved towards mental and emotional wellness, and you don't have to walk it alone.

"Telling my story has helped remove self-stigma, and continues to bring healing and recovery to others."  Denise H.