About The Founder

The vision of Removing The Stigma (RTS) began in 2013, after Denise Holcomb, Founder and Executive Director, shared her story in a documentary film Living With Bipolar, for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Her Story

RTS began from the personal journey of  Executive Director Denise Holcomb.  The groundwork of RTS began with the strength, boldness and determination of Denise's personal journey of mental illness to wellness and recovery, the devastating loss of her youngest brother, and years later her only son who both died by suicide. After the death of her son, Denise was determined to fight - the fight to remove the stigma, which attaches itself to mental illness and suicide.

Denise has shared her personal journey of wellness and recovery world-wide, including medical platforms at Case Western Reserve University Hospitals of Cleveland under the direction of world-known psychologist Doctor Joseph Calabrese. Her journey continues to help open the eyes and hearts of medical professionals who treat individuals with Bipolar Disorder.  Denise’s journey has helped many medical professionals understand the value of correct and early diagnosis of all serious mental health illnesses.  Denise shares her story with great liberation and conviction, making it clear that the path she now walks is due to her faith and the grace of a loving God.

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Denise continued her fight. She worked tirelessly in the virtual world even spreading her story in Singapore, Asia where she co-facilitated a virtual Suicide Prevention event with Vincent Soo founder of H.O.P.E. Alliance. The fight to is not over, Denise’s story has another chapter, as she passionately assists others as they battle to live with  mental illness and fight to remove the stigma.

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