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Support & Wellness


As a caregiver, you are an essential helpmate for your loved one, but the job is not always easy.  Caregivers need care too.

This group is designed to offer more education on mental illness, how to be an effective caregiver, and offer wellness care and support as you care for your loved one through his/her journey to mental health wellness




Training Opportunities Includes:

  • Mental Health Illness and its impact on the African-American Community

  • Suicide Prevention Strategies including QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) for adults

  • W.R.A.P Recovery (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

  • Suicide Prevention Awareness for youth. parents, and college students, and more....

  • Substance Use Prevention  and more...

Be a part of the a peer supported Living Grace group.  This group is designed to provide healthy solutions for the heart and mind.  Some topics include:

  • Renewing Your Mind

  • Safe and Healthy Relationships

  • Life Giving Community

  • Staying Resilient

  • Cycles and Triggers

  • Rest, Relaxation, and Joy

  • True Identity

  • God is Bigger Than Our Weakness



“Help is available,” advises Dawn Brown, director of information and engagement services at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). “Whether you’re feeling unsafe or a situation begins to escalate into a crisis, reaching out for help is important.”