Our Vision

  • To Educate, Empower, and Cultivate Hope, and Mental and Emotional Wellness, while removing the stigma associated with mental health and suicide. To provide a community of healing to families who have loss loved ones to death by suicide.

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Our Mission


  • Support individuals with mental illnesses through peer connected support groups and other wellness resources 


  • Confront the obstacles of discrimination, stigma, and prejudice associated with mental health and suicide through  education,  advocacy, community collaboration 

  • Empower change to achieve mental and emotional wellness.

TOGETHER We can bring hope to those who suffer with shame, humiliation, and embarrassment due to                                                                          their mental illness…

TOGETHER We can eliminate the prejudices and other presumptuous views in society associated with                                                                              mental illness...



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White Branch

“I know Denise as a valiant soldier in the fight for mental health awareness. Her advocacy stems from her personal journey with
bipolar depression as well as her experience as a caregiver for family who also struggle. Having survived the loss of my husband
to suicide, I share Denise’s advocacy efforts and have had the privilege to join her at podiums and on video to share our stories
and encourage others to join us in crushing the stigma surrounding mental illness.”

Loree Vick
Vick Communications


“Ms. Holcomb is a fierce advocate for fighting the stigma of mental illness and mental health treatment in her community. She is
compassionate, professional, and dedicated to the dual missions also of suicide prevention and mental health care. She is
genuine and relatable, and her own life experience allows her to offer hope to others suffering with mental illness, and her voice
breaks the silence of those who have been afraid to speak. “

Suzanne M. Jarm MSN, APRN, BC
Adult Psychiatry /Mood Disorders

Two Dried Leaves

“I love how Denise is being transparent and I am impressed by how she has conquered bondage over such a taboo subject. 
Mental health is not discussed in the black community. I support her in breaking down the barriers for healing. Much needed
healing from years of physical, mental and spiritual systemic abuse. 
I publish the Cleveland Observer and Denise has volunteered her time and efforts to the platform. The Cleveland Observer is
convicted to serve the urban community with resources. 
Denise is a vital Observer team member.”

The Cleveland Observer Newspaper
Ron Calhoun Publisher