Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Our Volunteers
Are Warriors  

We are a grassroots non-profit organization serving Cleveland, Ohio neighborhoods. Our volunteers have great opportunities rather they chose to serve virtual, in-person, or working from home.  RTS believes in creating an atmosphere where our volunteers can grow, learn, and achieve by using the tools they know best.  We also understand that not everyone has found their gifts, so we work with you to help find it.  

Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteer Your Way

  • Virtual Volunteers ~ RTS believes that volunteers are not limited to "where" they are but how much they care.

  • In-person ~ RTS continues to do everything to protect our volunteers.  We still practice the COVID 19 guidelines when volunteering in-person.  

  • From Home ~ RTS understands that some volunteers like setting their own hours but know the importance of getting the project done on time.